4 Stories of Living With Dementia (Video)

This video from the Social Care Institute for Excellence shares the stories of four people with dementia. The individuals were interviewed over time as their dementia symptoms progressed. Barry has had dementia for fifteen years and still has much of his ability to express himself and communicate. Olive has lived in an assisted care home for two years; she thinks dementia is awful because you hurt the ones you love most.

Bob has been getting full time care for two years; he suffers from hallucinations and mistaken beliefs. Judy has had dementia for eleven years; she suffers from more progressed symptoms affecting visual perception and increased instances of disorientation. Her daughter is very attentive to her needs and understands her when she can not get out all the words to express herself.

In the video, Barry shared that he never thought dementia would progress and take memories and abilities from him so quickly. When asked if she felt dementia takes a person’s identity, Judy responded that it isn’t and she is the same. Toward the end of the video, Olive expressed her joy at hugs from family and their understanding attitudes.Bob and his wife agree that they still share a friendship and care for each other. They are working through the dementia together.

Families, friends and professional carers are very important sources of support for those with dementia. Every case of dementia is not exactly the same. Some people continue to be high functioning for years like Bob, but others need full time care for hallucinations like Bob. Ultimately, people with dementia are still people that want and need love and care.

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