Alzheimer’s Detection Tool: Clock Draw Test

The Clock Draw Test is a tool to detect early Alzheimer’s symptoms. The test can also help determine a person’s progression through the various stages of Alzheimer’s disease. While this test is a good indicator to determine whether or not a person may have Alzheimer’s, a proper screening for dementia and Alzheimer’s should be completed by a trained medical professional.

The fewer points a person scores on the test, the more likely he or she has Alzheimer’s or other dementia. For those without Alzheimer’s the test is very simple. In summary, a person is asked to draw a clock. The numbers and hands should be included on the clock. A specific time can be mentioned, to see if the person is able to properly position the hands of the clock on the clock face to match a given time. The test is scored by giving the person one point for completing different aspects of the test. A test that earns all four points will have a closed circle (1pt) with all twelve numbers (1pt) placed properly (1pt) and clock hands should be in the right place (1pt).

You can learn more about the test and see examples for grading the test here

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