Did you know?… Divine Destiny Proudly Accepts Veterans for Adult Care Services

Divine Destiny has been approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs to accept Veteran into our programs.

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An interdisciplinary team consisting of specified staff as described, each with sufficient dedicated time for ADHC as part of their position description. The members of the interdisciplinary team meet at least weekly as a team to discuss specific Veterans, direct their care, formulate care plans, and provide quarterly review of Veterans’ care plans. This team consists of:
(a) A physician Medical Director with a background in Internal Medicine, Family Practice, or Rehabilitation Medicine, preferably with training or experience in geriatrics and care of the disabled;
(b) A Program Director, or Coordinator, who has demonstrated health care and administrative experience, with training or experience in care of those who are elderly or disabled;
(c) A Social Worker;
(d) A Registered Nurse (RN)(s);
(e) A rehabilitation therapist (Occupational, Physical, or Kinesiotherapist) or certified therapy assistant with professional supervision;
(f) A Dietitian, or Dietetic Technician, with professional supervision; and a recreation therapist.
(2) Medical care with direct Veteran care provided by VA ADHC staff, as well as readily available consultative care.
(3) VHA physician oversight with participation in care planning and interdisciplinary team meetings. (4) Support staff in place for administrative, as well as clinical demands. This must include dedicated clerical support for the ADHC Program.
(5) Daily programs scheduled for therapeutic and social activities including games, exercises, current events, crafts, music, excursions, and other recreational therapy. A monthly calendar of activities and events must be prepared and posted for Veterans and caregivers.
(6) Resources designated for the support of the ADHC program. This must include:
(a) Space, adequate for daily use for ADHC Veterans, team members, meals, a quiet room, and evaluations; and
(b) Medical and information technology equipment, which is provided to the program by the sponsoring VA medical center.
d. Critical elements in the proposal include:
(1) A population analysis identifying the target geographic range, target population characteristics, projected number of Veterans likely to utilize VA ADHC services, and estimated target average daily census.
(2) Full time equivalent (FTE) employee of the interdisciplinary members of the team, i.e., number of staff and proportion of time, based upon demographic projections.
(3) Responsibilities of the interdisciplinary team.
(4) Staffing ratio. The staff to Veteran ratio may vary, depending on Veteran number, complexity and care needs, however, a minimum of one staff to six Veterans is recommended.
(5) Number of staff necessary to provide administrative and clerical support.
(6) The schedule for interdisciplinary team meetings.
(7) A process for screening (medical conditions, communicable diseases, and functional disabilities) and subsequent evaluation for identified medical conditions.
(8) Space for activities and meals. Include an estimate of needed space, and space to be provided. Optimal space requirements for participants in ADHC suggest 128 square feet (sq. ft.) per Veteran. A minimum of 100 sq. ft. per Veteran is required.
(9) Evidence of facility support including information technology, transportation, and space.


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