Great Resource to Teach School Children about Dementia

The Health & Social Care Partnership has resources on its Dementia For Schools page to aid dementia awareness. The resources are intended for educators and community organizations that want to create lesson plans and activities to teach school children about dementia. The Dementia Resource Suite draws upon resources created for an intergenerational project completed between 2012 and 2013. Dementia is a disease with a multi-generational effect. Dementia impacts the elderly, children and all age groups in between. The Dementia Resource Suite is a tool to educate school children and communities about dementia.

Six key reasons for educating young people about dementia are listed below.

  • Young people want to know
  • Increased exposure of young people to dementia
  • Wrong exposure gives the wrong message
  • Optimum learning – relevant to wide parts of the national curriculum, especially PHSE/ PSHEEC
  • The right disorder for connecting first and last generations
  • Public health and early opportunities for health education

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