Helpful Brochure on Planning Activities at Home for Person with Dementia – Alzheimer’s Association Brochure

The Alzheimer’s Association has a brochure available that will help caregivers of a person with dementia plan activities that can be done at home. The brochure is titled “Activities at Home – Planning the day for a person with dementia”. This brochure is useful to create a daily plan for a person with dementia that will make it easier to complete daily routines, remember other necessary activities, and include fun activities as well.

The brochure starts with general guideline about activities for a person with dementia. Activities are divided into daily routines and other activities. Next, the brochure gives tips for planning activities and creating a daily plan. Finally, information is presented on how to measure the daily plan’s success and a template is provided to help caretakers easily create a daily plan of their own.

The brochure is a very quick read. Each section is broken down into very clear steps, so a caretaker can take action and put the information to use immediately.

Below are the 10 quick tips for activities at home found on the last page of the brochure.

1. Be flexible and patient.
2. Encourage involvement in daily life.
3. Avoid correcting the person.
4. Help the person ramain as independent as possible.
5. Offer opportunities for choice.
6. Simplify instructions.
7. Establish a familiar routine.
8. Respond to the person’s feelings.
9. Simplify, structure and supervise.
10. Provide encouragement and support.

Click here to download or print a copy of the brochure.


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