One Page Brochure Shares Benefits of Early Dementia Diagnosis

The Alzheimer Society of Canada has a brochure title “Benefits of an early diagnosis” that gives an overview of why it is helpful to diagnose dementia as soon as possible. Did you know dementia may share similar symptoms to other conditions? It is important to rule out thyroid disease, infections, depression or even drug interactions as being causes for the symptoms associated with dementia. An early diagnosis also allows the person with dementia to have a more active role in planning for his or her future health related situations.

The brochure mentions the following benefits of an early dementia diagnosis.

  • Getting an accurate diagnosis
  • Being actively involved in health care
    and personal decisions
  • Using medications effectively
  • Focusing on what’s important
  • Making choices is empowering
  • Taking advantage of resources
  • Supporting families
  • Advocating
  • Advancing research
  • Reducing stigma

This brochure is a quick read at only one page. It is a good introduction to dementia related topics and resources for someone that wants to learn more about dementia. To view or print the brochure, click here.

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