Services Offered by Divine Destiny Adult Care, Inc.

Our Promise

Senior Citizens at Table

Divine Destiny Adult Care programs are designed to meet the needs of elderly and functionally impaired adults, (18 years of age & up), through an individualized care plan, enabling families and other caregivers to continue caring for their loved ones at home, prolonging or preventing the need for permanent residential placement. At our facility we provide the highest quality care for your loved one. Our facilities include a private client rest area, state-of-the-art alarm system at all doors to deter potential client wandering, a viewing room, and an open environment that fosters a family atmosphere. We encourage client independence with self–care. Our staff has over 30 years combined personal and professional experience working with clients with a wide array of medical, behavioral and psychological diagnoses. In addition, we offer monthly caregiver support sessions to our citizens.

Services We Provide to Our Participants

Seniors Citizens in Group Photo

  • Consistent supervision
  • Personal care services
  • Communication network with all involved in the client’s care
  • Healthy and nutritious breakfast, lunch, and a afternoon snack
  • Administer medications
  • Scheduled daily activities for mental / physical stimulation and group movement
  • Socialization through group and community involvement
  • Opportunity for establishing new friendships
  • Opportunity for personal growth
  • Opportunity to learn new skills / develop new interests
  • Handicapped accessible facility
  • And much, much more!

How much does it cost?

Fees start at $55 a day. Your specific charges are determined by a standard assessment tool, which helps determine the level of care required and takes other variables into consideration. For most families, Divine Destiny Adult Care, Inc. is a cost-effective alternative to placement in an institutional setting.