Super Foods for Alzheimer’s Prevention (Video)

This video from A Current Affair Australia discusses several “super foods” that may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Throughout Australia, 320,000 people battle dementia. By 2030 it is estimated that there will be half a million dementia patients and nearly 1 million patients in Australia by 2050.

Studies have shown that the amount of “bad cholesterol” can be an indicator of risk for dementia. Also, “good cholesterol” appears to play a factor in preventing dementia. Research also suggestss foods from a Mediterranean style diet are beneficial to vascular health and brain health as well. These super foods include leafy greens, lean meats, oily fish and pasta. Diet plays one part in dementia prevention; exercise is helpful as well. Exercise has a beneficial effect on heart health and stabilizing cholesterol levels, which also appear to be overall indicators of brain health.

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