Help Us Make a Difference One Brick at a Time – Divine Destiny Outdoor Living Oasis

Divine Destiny Adult Care Outdoor Living Oasis
Brick Path - Giving Brick By Brick

Brick  by  Brick…
we can make a difference in the lives of individual’s
living with  special  needs

Dear  community,

There  is an  opportunity to LEAVE YOUR LEGACY on the Divine Destiny “Outdoor Living Oasis”.

This exciting  project enables families and individuals in the community to support  Divine  Destiny Adult Care Inc. by helping to pave our “Outdoor  Living  Oasis” (Patio/Garden) which represents our participants,  caregivers, churches, organizations, local businesses and friends.

Bricks are  available in two sizes and can be personally engraved.

For example a brick  might read:
In  Memory  of_______________; or
In  Honor of  _________________; or
In  Support  of_______________

Donors like you  help pave the way for Divine Destiny participants to enjoy being  outdoors –  while honoring them as well. Your purchase of a brick, etched permanently with  your name or the name of a loved one is a lasting reminder of your support of  Divine Destiny Adult Care Inc. and dedication to those we serve. Engraved bricks  pavers are a perfect way to recognize family member, friends, civic, school or  church, the memory of a loved one, or to showcase  your company’s philanthropic  spirit.

This project is a  wonderful way to support Divine Destiny Adult Care, Inc. and our new beautiful “Outdoor Living Oasis”.

We hope you will  find this to be worthwhile project and thank you in advance for your  support.

Divine Destiny is  a non-profit organization and all brick purchase are tax deductible.

Should you have  any questions, please contact Katrina Boylan at (919) 934-7144

Click here for brick form