Warning Signs and Effects of Alzheimer’s Disease and the Necessity of Caring for the Caregiver (Video)

This video briefly explores the warning signs and effects of Alzheimer’s. It also mentions resources and ways caregivers can get the help they themselves need. One important take-away from the video is that families of today typically can not and are not expected to take care of a loved on with Alzheimer’s disease by themselves. It is vital to utilize additional help from other family or friends, care organizations and Alzheimer’s assistance programs that may be available in the community.

Caring for a family member with Alzheimer’s is very demanding. A caregiver can easily become so focused on caring for the needs of a family member that he or she neglects self-care and suffers from exhaustion or allows a medical condition to worsen. Due to the strain of caring for the needs of a loved one, caregivers often end up requiring hospitalization or medical attention themselves.  It is essential for caregiver and Alzheimer’s patient health and well being that the Alzheimer’s caregiver reach out for help from his or her community as well as national Alzheimer’s organizations.

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