Ways to Safety Proof Your Home for a Person with Alzheimer’s Disease (Video)

The information in this video will help you safety proof your home to make it safer for your loved one with Alzheimer’s. As mentioned in the video, it is possible that your family member could be over medicating, since he or she can not recall whether or not medication has been taken previously. Another topic mentioned in the video is how to reduce tripping risk. Those suffering from Alzheimer’s often have mobility issues or difficulty stepping over things. Items such as rugs or storage baskets on the floor can present a tripping hazard. More topics are covered in the video.

Below is a list of things to consider to make your home safer for your loved one:

  • Hide the patient’s medicine
  • Keep floors clear
  • Install tension locks on doors
  • Be aware of toxic plants
  • Avoid pools & other bodies of water
  • Monitor TV programming

Most of these safety improvements will be easy fixes, now that you know what to be changed. Be sure to go through your house and see which of these safety changes you may need to make to your home!

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