Weekend Activities For A Person Who Has Alzheimer’s – Part 1

The weekend is a time to wind down and attend to activities that may have been overlooked during the rest of the week. People with Alzheimer’s can still be very capable and active during the weekend. While a people with Alzheimer’s can do many things on their own, many still need a bit of outside help with their tasks and clear simple instructions on how to complete a task.

Easy weekend activities include:

Folding laundry
Holding and pet a calm animal
Feeding and tending to fish in a fish tank
Sorting colored blocks into stacks
Stringing popcorn
Watering indoor plants
Making a floral arrangement
Making a simple snack
Talking about famous people from childhood
Sweeping a small outdoor area

It is important that those with Alzheimer’s are presented with a variety of activities to complete that are within their ability level. Stick to simple activities that do not require a bunch of preparation. We hope you enjoyed the first part of our weekend activities list for people with Alzheimer’s. We look forward to sharing other weekend activities in the future.

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